January 11, 2012

reading list update: change anything

If you read this previous post, you’ll remember that I was the lucky winner of the book Change Anything (Patterson, Grenny, Maxfield, McMillan and Switzler). I really enjoyed reading it during the holidays!

The theory is that anyone can improve their ability to achieve hard-core goals in what the authors call “the new science of personal success”. We have all tried living healthier, saving money or kicking a bad habit, and in this book we look at some other factors that play a role in achieving (or failing to achieve) hard-to-reach goals.

Focusing on some very basic skills anyone can master, you can increase your odds of achieving your goals. Some of us enjoy blaming their failures on "being born with less will-power than others", but there are practical skills that can help us succeed despite our potential lack of will-power. I found the principles very easy to understand and apply in my personal life. I look forward to also try applying them in my job!

I experienced the book as being very encouraging. It trains you to identify things that pull either for you or against you in your pursuit. Once you can spot them, it becomes easier to customize your plan of action and implement changes that actually aid your progress. I really enjoyed the experiments used to determine some of their theories and outcomes, and when you buy the book you also have a limited period of access to their online content (including videos of some of their experiments – fun!)

This book can help readers excel in their careers, but also in many other areas of their lives. Great ideas I can implement in multiple areas of my life for the price of one book, I think it's a bargain!

If you've also read it, let us know your thoughts!

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