April 30, 2012

help! my coworkers are having an affair!

Such a tricky topic today! I am lucky to say that I have never been in a situation where colleagues were (secretly) romantically involved, but some of my readers have asked about this. What can (or should) you do when you know what's going on and how it's affecting productivity and team morale?

Here are a few tips from the experts:

There you have it! Lots of reasons not to get involved in an office romance if you can avoid it, and just as many reasons to steer clear of other coworkers' affairs.

I guess the biggest question people have is whether or not they should tell a cheating coworker's partner. Depending on the situation I would say it's a toss-up between minding your own business and making the call. Hopefully you have a very capable HR Manager you can tell when an affair interferes with business as usual!!

Any advice from readers who have been frustrated with colleagues having an affair?

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