May 7, 2012

taking my own career advice seriously

Over the past few months I have loved sharing tips and ideas regarding work-life balance, juggling multiple jobs and studying while working full-time. But I am coming to a place where I need to take some of my own advice in order to regain my work-life balance.

Until the end of June you will find me consulting with clients, studying and doing research after hours, while attending regular band practice sessions, spending quality time with my hubby and finding time to go to the gym. To avoid my own melt-down I will not be writing as many posts as I have for the past few months.

Wanna help me out?? 

I would like to give you the opportunity to write a guest post! I love featuring posts written by my readers! If you are a young working adult with some career advice to share, this is your big chance ☺

Topics I'm interested in:

  • How you got the job you wanted
  • How NOT to be consumed by a busy lifestyle
  • Habits that may cost you your job
  • Gap year stories
  • Looking professional on a budget
  • Or any other career related topic you may have on your mind for that matter!!

Word count? 600 words or less.

Please send your masterpieces to aWannabeEmployee (at) gmail (dot) com.

See you again real soon!!

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