April 12, 2012

top 10 tips for being a rock star employee

We talk about this all the time - there are so many things you can do to improve your performance and engagement at work. And regardless of who you work for, the same characteristics are praised and desired by all employers.

So instead of over-complicating things, here are my top 10 tips (and posts I wrote about them) for wannabe AMAZING employees:

Starting with the basics is always the best way to reach the top, so be sure to identify and try out a few at a time. What would your short list look like?


  1. Excellent post, Kobie! Your tips speak with great advice for young professionals who want to be an amazing employee!

  2. Thanks Anna! So glad you liked it! We all have the potential to be amazing employees ☺

  3. Great post, Kobie!

    The two traits that have always helped me while working on the job is consistency and under promise/over deliver.

    Just like owning a business, being consistent in your work and what you say will earn admiration and trust with your management.

    Under promising and over delivering seems sly, but it's better to give reasonable projections of your job, then strive to do better, than to promise big things in hopes of impressing people, but failing.

    1. Hi Jared! I am a fan of both those traits! Thank you for sharing!


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