April 2, 2012

being a leader despite your youth

Good morning everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Fall is starting to show it's colours here in SA and I am loving it.

Something I am very passionate about is leadership, and the idea that it doesn't have much to do with age. Being a leader does not mean you need to be an expert or specialist in a certain field, and has much more to do with your attitude and willingness to serve others.

Here are a few great links to inspire you this week:

Many times the biggest obstacle in our leadership journey is our own self-doubt. So remember to give yourself a pep-talk every now and then, and try to avoid the company of negative people who enjoy dampening your enthusiasm.

Are you ready to lead!!??


  1. I believe leadership is not about power and respect, it means responsibility. Becoming a leader isn't easy,but am ready! :-)

  2. Yes, not as glamorous as many people think, but 100% worth the effort and sacrifice!


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