April 23, 2012

studying part-time while working

I recently started with a course in Corporate Coaching. It's my first attempt at doing a part-time online course while juggling work and home and husband and hobbies ☺. I managed to submit my first assignment a few days early - so far so good.

But studying while also working full-time is a huge commitment. It's challenging to get back into that discipline, especially when it's at the expense of your free time. I also started a new job recently, so I need to spend serious time on both my job and this course I'm doing. So unless I am doing this course for a reason, and stay extremely focused, odds are I will drop out or fail.

So here are a few tips and tools I found to help us stick to it!

What really keeps me going is the fact that this course will add significantly to my skill set and career success. So if I need to work late some evenings or give up my Saturday for a few weeks, I'm doing it with purpose.

Any advice from those of you who have successfully mastered study/work/life balance??

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