April 4, 2012

career advice to my 5-year younger self

I recently asked my readers what advice they would give their 5-year younger self. I have certainly learned a lot during the past 5 years of professional life, so here is my take on it:

  • Make mistakes. You are young, you will make many of them. Allow yourself some room for error and learn from each one!
  • Be patient. There is no way around it - you need experience in order to really know your stuff. A qualification gets you in the door, but work experience adds weight to your opinions.
  • Be teachable. Allow anyone and everyone to share their experience and tips with you.
  • Be pleasant. One of the most popular post on my blog speaks about the value of good manners in the work place. Even if you have no education and no work experience, good manners and respect for others will open doors for you.
  • Think ahead. Just because you are still a junior and making copies all day, think about what you want to reach in the future and be sure to invest some energy in that area. Reading, attending networking events or connecting with others who have already made it in that industry.

Some of my favorite comments from readers:

From Eleanor Khupe:
  • Bring your personality with you to work. Don’t be a wall flower because you’re new and you don’t know much yet. Get out there, get to know your colleagues, engage with them. The more you interact, the easier work will become.
  • Ask the stupid question. Even if you think it’s stupid. It’s better to ask and get the answer than to never know.

From @mal_kozak: Don't be afraid of a challenge, apply at companies that interest you and do your research! Network, network, network! :

From @Careergeek_blog: Figure out what you want to do. Once you know that, building up on it and finding the best way to get there should be easy!

Thanks for your tips guys! If you missed our discussion on twitter, feel free to leave your comment below.


  1. Treat yourself with respect no matter where you are on the ladder and others will follow suit

  2. Wonderful article!



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