January 13, 2012

bring on the discipline!

I have a good friend who LOVES being super disciplined. She gets excited about sticking to a reading plan or exercise routine the way I get excited about, well, other things ☺. This is one of the reasons I appreciate her so much, because she is always showing me that difficult things CAN be done if I really apply myself. Getting up for a jog at 4:00 in the morning isn't hard for her because she is always keeping the end-result in mind (beating her personal best in the next big race). I always find it very inspiring to be around her!

Every job also requires you to do some things you're probably not very excited about. You know, the filing or the shredding. The things that take 80% of your time leading to only 20% of the outcomes you want to reach. If you don't apply some form of schedule or accountability system, odds are that you will delay them as long as possible until you eventually drown in the paperwork.

Here are some tips for being disciplined at work:
  • Know yourself: Try to connect chores you dislike to your personal goals and core values. If I believe in giving 100% at my job, that includes doing the mundane chores even when I don't feel like it. Some people take time to write out a personal mission statement, which adds meaning to all the things we need to do but don't always enjoy. Check out this Mission Statement Builder on Dr. Covey's site.
  • Establish a routine: It helps me to know that Friday afternoons are set aside for filing. The week has reached its end and I have a fresh pile of documents to file. I have completed all assignments for the week and the office is quiet. I have time to do it on a regular basis so it doesn't pile up to much.
  • Tell someone: Telling a friend that I'm starting a new discipline keeps me in check. When they ask me how it's going in that area I would like to give them a good report. Knowing that someone will be checking on your progress will motivate you to stick with the program.
  • Show some grit: Hard work is hard work. We all sell ourselves as "hard working" on our resumes, so here is where we need to put our efforts in line with our words.
  • Give yourself a pep-talk: Our negative self-talk is very effective. "These chores are so depressing" can get you demotivated in a heartbeat. Why not try some positive self-talk? "What doesn't kill me makes me stromger" and "I can do this!" are personal favorites of mine ☺.

Are you ready to pump up the discipline at work? Keep in mind that being disciplined will show others that you are reliable, professional and more than capable in your job. Here are some more posts on discipline at work and self-discipline as foundation of success.

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