January 20, 2012

embracing change at work

At some point most of us will go through changes beyond our control in our jobs. Whether it be a restructuring, a new boss or a change in the company's global strategy, change at work is bound to happen now and then and it has the potential to shake our foundations a little - or a lot!

So imagine your whole company is being restructured and the way you've all been doing things has to change dramatically. Here are some guidelines for you to embrace change at work with a positive attitude:
  • Take a moment to say goodbye: If the change means you are losing colleagues or projects that were close to your heart, take a moment to acknowledge what they have meant to you. Dealing with loss is a little easier when you show your appreciation in some way before moving on. 
  • Put some faith in leadership: Keep in mind that management needs to think of the well-being of both the company and its employees, so even though they are the breakers of bad news it may affect them just as much. Don't assume they make these big decisions lightly and see if you can find a way to show them your support.
  • Explore possible rewards: Coping well under fire or contributing to the solution may just boost your career, so even though the process isn't always pleasant, focusing on goals or outcomes will keep you motivated and open to the experience.
  • Be a change agent instead of a victim: You can play a big part in making the transition as smooth and positive as possible. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and dragging others down with you, see what you can add to the process. Check out this clip for a few cool ideas:

It's natural to fear the unknown, but if we find ways to embrace changes at work they may just turn into wonderful opportunities to grow in our careers. In the end change is just change and it happens to everyone all the time. Remembering that change is constant always helps me to focus, take a deep breath and then go for it!

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