January 6, 2012

don't sweat the small stuff at work

Are you your own worst critic? Constantly giving yourself a hard time when things aren't 100% perfect? Finding it hard to allow yourself a mistake or two once in a while?

Time to take a break and consider that you (yes YOU!!) might be the biggest obstacle to your personal and career growth. Here are a few things you can do to get out of your own way:
  • Ban the limiting thoughts and convictions: Constantly telling yourself that you "won't ever make it" or that you will always be just another average employee will get you nowhere. Believing that you are not allowed to make mistakes will drive you nuts. Take a moment to evaluate your self-talk, the things you believe about yourself and your abilities.
  • Find better measures for your success: e.g. Aiming to learn as much as possible through the process instead of delivering flawless outcomes. Becoming an expert in your field rather than chasing promotions.
  • Celebrate the good stuff: Are you acknowledging and enjoying your strengths or constantly beating yourself up about your weaknesses? Have you spent some time figuring out what your strengths are and how to embrace those? Being human means that none of us are perfect, but also that no two of us are alike - there is something only you can bring to the party!
  • Cut yourself some slack: For each one of us this might mean something else, but allowing yourself to take a break or make a mistake now and then is crucial (for some reason "Don't Worry, Be Happy" just jumped into my mind ♫). What helps for me is remembering that life does not revolve around work, and that no matter how good or bad my day was I can always go home to other things that are important to me.

Tell someone about your plan to relax a little and ask them to check in on your "progress". I have a friend who asks me every now and then what I'm doing to destress and break my addiction to constantly performing - works like a charm! I used to think the world would end if I made a mistake or didn't perform at 110% all the time - no more.

Here's another handy post on worrying about things you have no control over. What are some of your tips for other over-performing eager beavers out there?

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