December 5, 2011

conflict management at the office

Welcome back at the office! I hope your new week is filled with new opportunities to excel at work!

Something we are confronted with on a regular basis is conflict with co-workers. We are all so different that we are bound to have conflicting opinions and beliefs on a regular basis. The trick is to try sticking to the facts and not allow a misunderstanding or difference of opinion to cause damage to your relationships at work.

Here are some handy posts to help you in this area:

Is there one thing you can take out of these pointers and implement in the way you respond to conflict? The biggest (very simple) lessons I am learning at the moment are:
  1. To keep my tone calm even though someone else might be raising his/her voice.
  2. To avoid taking it personally when someone throws a tantrum in my face. The only reactions I have control over are my own, so that is what want to focus on.

Have a wonderful new week at work!

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