December 19, 2011

career blogging: adventure is out there!

Before planning my posts for 2012 I am taking a few moments to look back at my first 3 months of career blogging, and I have so much to be thankful for!

I successfully posted 3 times per week without ever falling behind, phew! I have received wonderful compliments and comments on my blog, so thank you to each one of you who took the time! Writing requires a lot of reading which means I have learned a lot by just working through other career blogs I love, there are so many interesting writers I admire. I have had regular readers from 30 countries in under 3 months' time - how AMAZING is that!? I have written and featured my first guest posts - what a cool way to connect and share with others in the industry! And even though Twitter wasn't my main focus when starting to write, I have gathered 150 twitter followers in just under 2 months and I really appreciate each follow, re-tweet and reply!

All these little milestones really excite me about what lies ahead. So many career related topics and questions to be explored! Many more guest posts to feature and write. And most of all - more job satisfaction and career growth in each new year of writing about it!

Am I sounding like Buzz Lightyear? "To Infinity and Beyond!"

So anyway, this is my last post for 2011 and I will be back "in the office" on 2 Jan 2012. You can find me on twitter during this break for some sweet and short updates!

I really look forward to the journey that lies ahead and I hope that you are gathering all your witt and ideas to seriously boost your career in the new year!

Au Revoir!

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