December 16, 2011

'tis the season to update your online profile

Many of us in the southern hemisphere are on our way to enjoy a well deserved summer break after a jam-packed year at work. I can't wait to go to the beach and have an ice-cream (while leaving my watch and smart phone at home every now and then)! For folks in other countries it might not be summer time, but things still tend to slow down during the holiday season.

Some readers might still be looking for a job and feel anxious about going on holiday while there may be jobs to apply for. Many people slow down their search thinking that hiring will also be slowing down, but actually this is a time when companies still advertise, and you might have less competition if you keep tabs on what's being advertised!

Here are a few tips for you to go on holiday without losing out on potential employment:
  • Update your online profile - If your LinkedIn profile is current and detailed, your name will be found when recruiters search for candidates. You never know who might be searching for a candidate of your caliber.
  • Let the job-boards do the work -  Update your resume on any job boards you are registered with to ensure you don't fall off the radar. Be sure to indicate how recruiters can get in touch with you even while you're away.
  • Stay current and stay motivated - If you have been discouraged during your job search this year, have a look at this cool free webinar on accessing the so-called "hidden job market".

So, even though you may still be on the lookout for a job, remember to take it easy, do things you love doing and enjoy a well-deserved break!

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