December 14, 2011

do you have a b.f.f. at work?

Most of us connect and build friendships at work. We spend the biggest part of our day with colleagues, and so it is natural to get to know each other on a social level. But how many of you have a BEST friend (not just a friend in general) at work? If you do, do you find yourself being enthusiastic to go to work each morning? And do you perceive yourself as being more committed to your employer's goals and values than others around you?

According to Gallup's Q12 Employee Engagement Survey employees who have a best friend at work are more likely to report that:
  • they receive praise or recognition for their work.
  • a colleague encourages their development.
  • colleagues are committed to quality.
  • in the last six months, a colleague has talked to them about their progress.
  • the mission of their company makes them feel their job is important.
  • their opinions seem to count at work.
  • they have the opportunity to do what they do best at work every day.

Can you believe that having a best friend at work affects so many aspects of your job? This suggests that your overall performance at work will be higher, leading to better appraisals and possibly more significant growth in your career path. Who wouldn't want that?

So do you have a best friend at work? Would you agree with the outcomes listed above? How has it affected your attitude and performance at work? I found some more posts on having a best friend at work by Forte Consulting Group and USA Today - enjoy!

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