February 13, 2012

the ultimate resume

There are so many thoughts and ideas on what a resume should look like. I am no expert but I do believe that the industry you are in will play a big role and that there is no one set of rules to follow for everyone.

Here are some thoughts from the online experts:

So there you have it! Have you identified some of those common mistakes on your own resume? Are you applying social media tools and networking effectively?

I hope you found these tools helpful, I have learned so much! Time to head on over to the drawing board for my new resume strategy!


  1. Hi Kobie, I just found your blog through Classy Career Girl, and I just had to tell you I love it! I'm about to check out all these great links, and will definitely be back soon. So excited to have found you!

  2. Erica thank you so much for the wonderful compliment, so glad you like the content! I am also a big fan of Classy Career Girl! All the best for your career in 2012!


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