February 8, 2012

how to prep for your first day at a new job

So you have made it through the screening and interviewing, and it's the first day at your new job! The stress of getting the position is over and now it's time to brace yourself for what lies ahead. Maybe it's your first REAL job and you have no idea what to expect?

Here are a few basics to help you prep for the first day:

  1. Get loads of sleep - Before I start a new job it's usually hard to fall asleep the night before, but try to hit your pillow as early as possible! It's very important that you arrive sharp and focused as you'll most likely receive tons of information to process. Remember that your first day is what most colleagues will use to create their impression of you!
  2. Test drive your route - Take a drive by your new office a day or two before hand. Visualisation helps many people prep for important events! If you want to do it just to see how long it takes you to arrive, that's also a good idea.
  3. Pack a lunch just in case - You don't always know how busy your first day will be. Maybe there's a shop close by to get a sandwich from, but just to eliminate one more uncertainty for the day it's wise to bring a lunch box just in case. Some companies take new employees to a first-day-lunch (lucky lucky!!) but don't bet on it.
  4. Do some homework - Have you had a good look at the company's website? The more you know beforehand, the more of the information you receive will fall into place. You'll also be able to ask sensible questions and score some first-impression-points!
  5. Time for a trim - Why not go for a brand new haircut!? There will be a lot of eyes on you when you arrive, so why not give your personal brand a boost from the get-go? While colleagues don't know you yet, your appearance will play a big role in their impression of you (and your abilities).
  6. Prepare to take notes - Have your smart phone or note book handy. Odds are that there will be a lot of rambling going on and by lunchtime you will have forgotten what was covered in the first orientation session. You want to avoid asking your new employer to repeat themselves. I tend to forget a lot of facts if I don't make notes.
  7. Say "cheese!" - Try to be pleasant and accommodating. Usually your new employer will go out of their way to make your first day welcoming, so remember to say please and thank you. Try to smile and make eye-contact to cement relationships from the start, and avoid frowning too much when you're concentrating.

For more great tips on rocking your first day at a new job, have a look at these tips and this video!

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