October 31, 2011

yes you need a bottle of water on your desk

Yes we've all heard it and YES, we need to hear it again... We need to drink a whole lot of water each day and most of us just don't get around to it. Why? Because we are staring at our computer screens and keeping our hands busy on the keyboard (well I am!) ☺.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, something as simple as regular stretching or deep breathing can really improve your mood and productivity at work. Drinking enough water throughout the day will do exactly the same (and also benefit many other metabolic processes in your body).

So I have put a 1 liter glass bottle on my desk that I vow to fill up every morning when I sit down at my desk. My goal is to empty it by the time I go home, and this way I will have consumed half of what is required by the time I leave the office. I drink a glass first thing in the morning and some more when I'm exercising after work. Not always easy, but having a simple goal is better than having no goal - so far so good!

I found this really fun site with interactive images telling you how much water you should be drinking (based on your gender, age weight and activity level) and also showing the effects a lack of water will have on your body, mood and productivity at work. Also check out this post on the top 11 benefits of drinking water - enjoy!!

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