October 21, 2011

staying in shape when I spend all day at my desk

I am not crazy about exercise. I always thought that everyone feels like this but I have come to realize that some people really love working out and even crave doing it on a daily basis. Good for them, they don’t need any coaxing or guilt trips to convince them to exercise. But what about the ones like me who need 10 reasons to hit the gym... once!?

To top my frustration, I married one of those sports fanatics. “Man I feel like exercising!” is a phrase I hear from him almost on a daily basis. Imagine the guilt trip that I go on after a comment like that.

But even though I don’t like it much, I have come to acknowledge the benefits that exercise can offer, both short- and long term, so I choose to submit. Here are some things that have made a process a little easier for me:
  • Get into a routine - I have decided how many hours I want to fit into each week, and distributed them into 4 sessions per week. I try to do a class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and I allow off days in between to make room for my elaborate social life J.
  • Find a gym buddy - Lucky for me I have a 24/7 eager gym buddy who reminds me every day that we need to work out. Having a gym buddy keeps me accountable, and if I skip class I also let my gym buddy down, so I think twice before skipping. I also have a friend and a colleague who joins me for some of the classes I do, so we can give each other a pep talk when the self discipline starts running low.
  • Figure out what you like - I am very interactive by nature, so a group class is more enjoyable to me than a personal gym program I have to follow over by the machines and weights. I also love music, so I prefer the studio classes where we do steps on the beat of a song and memorize patterns or routines. I am not a very competitive person, so I struggle to associate with people in the boot camp class who push themselves to all kinds of physical limits at the blow of the military instructor’s whistle. Other people will love other formats, what are yours?
  • Remember why you’re doing it - When I read up on how much working out will benefit me, the motivation comes much easier. If I think of how I want to have a great posture and unlimited mobility when I’m an old granny someday, it’s much easier to sign up for another gym class. The way it lifts my mood and helps me breathe after a very solitary day at my desk really makes it worth it, and letting out in a kickboxing class will do the trick after a stressful day!

I am no pro, and I started exercising way to late in my life so I’m hoping that what I invest now will still make a difference.

I found this post on working out when days are just too short – enjoy!

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