October 17, 2011

sitting up straight

Hunching in front of my computer all day is certainly not the reason I chose HR as a career. Am I the only one with neck spasms tense back muscles over here?? I have been craving a massage for weeks!
So there are a number of ways in which I can improve my posture like stretching often and sitting up straight, but the real pain for me is realising that even though I am made for interaction, I am sitting in one place and looking at my computer for the biggest part of my day. So I try to take regular strolls through the office and make use of this time to engage with colleagues and making some eye contact. Not only does it improve blood circulation, but I get a chance to build relationships and get to know my colleagues.
I love to work with people so much, but most of my "working with people" tends to happen via email and phone. Not ideal! This interesting article on what sitting at your desk all day is doing to your body has just reminded me again that this is no laughing matter.
What do you do to take a break from your desk? Or do you enjoy looking at a screen more than connecting with others??

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