October 14, 2011

yes, I am a recovering perfectionist

I am not obsessive about order or having everything in it's perfect place. I am also not extremely focused on getting every detail of everything I do just right, but I am someone who struggles with allowing myself to make mistakes. So in that sense I feel that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and even though it drives me to do well at work, it can fast-track me to burn-out if I don't manage it well.

I tend to have a lot of grace with others when they make mistakes, but when it comes to MY performance in MY line of work, I often find myself wanting everything to run smoothly without any hiccups or errors. And when I do make a mistake or my project is interrupted by an unexpected turn of events, I tend to feel overly responsible and I expect some sort of punishment for being, well, human ☺.

I decided one day to came clean about this to my manager, as I was really adding unneccesary stress to my work load. As soon as I started talking about it with someone I could start working on reprogramming my thoughts a little.

I also realise that my intentions aren't wrong because I really just want to deliver the best results possible, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm human (just like everybody else), and that every hiccup or crisis holds great learning opportunities for me.

So I'm learning how to embrace and appreciate failure, and having a mentor at close range is really helping! I iread this interesting post on how healthy/hurtful perfectionism can be, and just reading someone else's experience really encourages me. Reading this post on how to manage a perfectionist has also given me some ideas as to how I can better manage myself.

Can I hear an "amen" from the other perfectionists out there!!?

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