June 11, 2012

interview with a career enthusiast

I have a good friend, Liezl McLean, who is currently the editor of the SA Career Focus Magazine - I have always wanted to do a quick interview with her for my blog. I love the mag because it's great guide for youngsters who need to make informed career choices. Each addition features a variety of career options and includes interviews with people who are in those roles at the moment. So let's hear it from a lady who deals with all types of careers on a daily basis.

How did you come to be a magazine editor?
After undertaking loads of odd travel jobs before studying (such as working at an assembly line in a Smarties factory, waitressing with a crazy chef, changing nappies at a nursery school in London and doing some grape picking in Bordeaux), I was finally ready for a more ‘serious’ job. I love the media industry and believe it plays a vital role in our country.

What are the things you love about your job?
I constantly get to meet the most weird and interesting people! You never know who you’ll be interviewing next and every person is worth a feature! I also love the fact that one never stops learning in this industry – you constantly have to read up about whatever topic you’re going to write about next, whether it’s politics, sport or lifestyle.

And the not-so-glamorous parts?
Late night editing to meet deadlines. The result: a coffee addiction. (Think I need to go for counseling)

After featuring so many different job profiles in the magazine, what are your top 5 career tips for young professionals?
  • Find out what you ENJOY doing.
  • Choose a career that utilises your natural strengths – the job will come naturally.
  • Make sure you have some self-knowledge - this includes an understanding of your interests, abilities and personality.
  • Sharpen up your career knowledge. In other words, know what the job is really like. Do a job shadow or speak to someone in the industry who knows the daily activities.
  • It’s not all about the money.

There you have it - great tips from someone who's tried out some interesting jobs herself and eventually chosen one that is just right for her.  Have you checked out this magazine before? I wish I had a career guide like this when I was still in high school!! 

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