June 8, 2012

believe you can succeed and you will

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Today's post is written by Rose Keating. Do yourself a favour and check out her site after reading this post!

When you believe you have what it takes to accomplish your goals, you create the confidence, energy, and skills needed to do exactly that.  This belief is one of the driving forces behind exceptional employees and high performers. 

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a concept in psychology that explains how a belief or expectation can influence the outcome of an event, regardless if it’s true or not.   If you simply believe something to be true, you will communicate that conviction to others through subtleties in the way you talk, walk, and behave.  People will pick up on those messages, and subconsciously alter their behavior to match your expectations.  In the end, your original thought becomes reality. 

Have you ever noticed at work that there are some people who just seem to be headed to the top? You may not be able to put your finger on exactly why you perceive that vibe; it’s just there. Chances are, that person also believes they are headed to the top.  Someone who has faith in him or herself will take on more responsibility and be more confident in their ideas, compared to an employee who is unsure of their ability.  They will also be more open to feedback, because constructive criticism won’t feel like a personal attack on their competence.  It’s easy to admit your shortcomings when you know deep down that you are going to do great things. 

You can use this phenomenon to your advantage in the workplace by re-examining your own deeply held beliefs, and actively making an effort to start thinking bigger.   If you sincerely hold the conviction that you are capable and worthy of success, your mind will figure out the means to get there. Your colleagues and managers will begin to see what you see.  They will start to share your belief, because confidence is contagious. 

Here are 3 steps to harness the power of self-fulfilling prophecy to reach your career goals. 

  1. Think about what you want to happen for you in your career over the next year.  It could be a raise, a promotion, or an assignment to a specific project. 
  2. Cultivate the belief that you are capable of accomplishing that goal by writing down exactly what you plan to achieve. Include specifics about why you will be successful. 
  3. Create three affirmations associated with that goal, and repeat them to yourself every morning and every evening, for 1 week. 

After you implement these steps, you will be amazed at how a change in your mindset can change your reality.

Rose Keating is a Boston-based Career Coach who specializes in working with millennial women who are in career transition.  She is a strong believer that young professionals can make a significant impact in their organization – if they have the right mindset.  She can be reached at 

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