June 29, 2012

courses every professional could benefit from taking

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week has been great so far! Today I am happy to introduce another eager and motivated guest writer called Liz Becker. I love her post because I am a big fan of continuous education.

Every professional has an array of skills that are specific to whatever type of work is being done. There are also a core set of skills that can benefit any professional because of the common elements in nearly every work environment. These skills can be enhanced, refreshed or learned for the first time through a few simple college classes:

1. Communications

There are several varieties of communications classes available in colleges and universities. These classes can help professionals to learn the most effective ways to relay ideas or instructions to co-workers. Communications can cover speaking in public, writing or visual communication with charts and graphs.

Nearly every professional position involves daily communications between an employee and co-workers, management or clients. Ineffective communications skills can hinder a career and can generate confusion among co-workers and clients.

This type of class can become necessary when an individual rises to a level where large groups of people, the media or government committees must be addressed in concise and unambiguous ways.

2. Introduction To Business

Every professional from a pharmacy technician to a lawyer works within the framework of a business. There are various factors that can determine exactly how a business works and what contributions an individual is responsible for making towards the success of the company.

Understanding how businesses work can allow a professional to advance more readily through a familiar structure. Knowing basic terminologies, concepts and processes can give an individual the ability to more readily contribute to the business as a whole instead of filling only a niche position.

3. Computer Literacy

There are very few professionals who do not work with computers, mobile devices or some form of technology on a daily basis. Computer literacy classes are designed to give students an overview of how technology works and how the Internet functions. This can give a professional the extra skills that are necessary to become more efficient or to take on new responsibilities.

The can also be important for tech-savvy employees who have not kept up with changes in the computer industry. Learning how to use new programs, new web services and learning what techniques have fallen into disuse can all become valuable skills that can benefit nearly any career.

These classes are all introductory and can be taken at a variety of schools. Some people might even benefit from taking certain classes regularly every few years in or to remain current. Communicating effectively with others, understanding how an employer operates on a larger level and being able to efficiently use new technologies are all skills that can benefit any professional regardless of the industry.

Liz is a blogger, freelance writer and recent college graduate. She currently performs market research for an online marketing firm when she is not contributing her own thoughts and observations to the online community.


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  1. Every employer want skills employees those are very common needs for career success especially computer literacy and communication skills are require in every career field.


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