March 7, 2012

how well do you handle change at work?

Change can be really stressful, even if it may be change for the good. I read once that getting married or moving in to a new home can cause just as much stress as losing your job or a distant relative.

In our careers there are bound to be changes around every corner. Transferring to a different department or working under a new manager, quitting or losing your job are all potential stressors. Our ability to cope and embrace change will have a big impact on the outcome of any stressful situation. Change is part of life and sometimes we have no control over what comes our way, but it's how we respond to change that can make or break us in tough times.

In order to save yourself from drowning when going through change at work, here are a few guidelines to help you come out strong:
  1. Readiness: Find some time to brace yourself for the challenge. What will your attitude or strategy be regardless of how big the change is? If you don't set goals for yourself during challenging times you are bound to be thrown around by the currents of change like a rubber duck in the ocean ☺.  
  2. Relate: Sometimes we forget that our colleagues are going through a process of change with us, and that we are not alone. Supporting each other at work can make any change more bearable, and often results in great team work and a boost in office morale. 
  3. Routine: While things at work may be changing radically, try to stick to your normal lifestyle and routines like exercising, sticking to your sleeping/eating patterns, and hobbies.
  4. Rest & Relaxation: I find it hard to switch off my brain when going through change, so finding a little me-time (without any emails, gadgets or noise) really helps me recharge my batteries. I know it can be hard to put away your smart phone for an hour or two, but if you try it you'll see that the world won't come to an end and you will still have all your facebook friends when you return ☺
  5. Reunions: See your friends or family often. Talking through and sharing your experiences are powerful tools to help you process any change in your life.

How do you stay centered when your boat is being rocked by circumstances? We all have our own coping mechanisms and levels of resilience but these tips are pretty easy to learn.

Here is another interesting read on the topic: Always Be Prepared for a Sudden Shift in Employment Status.

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  1. Be proactive. Prepare for every obstacle that may arise during my career change and strive to make myself as comfortable as possible. Great post, Kobie!


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