March 21, 2012

the best ways to disagree with your boss

Depending on how much you and your boss have in common you are bound to have days when you disagree with something he says. There is nothing wrong with having different opinions, but many of us get anxious when we need to talk to our bosses about it. Sure, it might not always be easy, but doing what you can to maintain an open and honest relationship from your side will make all the difference.

  • Be the difference - Yes, instead of just listing what bothers you, see if you can suggest alternatives. Employers love problem solvers.
  • Be respectful - Regardless of your opinion of or regard for your boss, see that you find ways to show respect while discussing the issue. Making sarcastic remarks in front oof your team regarding your boss's decision doesn't show much character from your side. Why not see this as an opportunity to build your personal brand at work.
  • Check the attitude - Wild accusations and pointing fingers are sure to steer the discussion in the wrong direction. Sticking to the facts and discussing it in the most neutral way possible shows that you can handle yourself in a potentially sensitive situation without making things personal. Whatever you do with your tone of voice and body language may just rub off on whoever is with you,.
  • Express it clearly - Take some time to formulate how you want to describe what is bothering you. Until you have a clear way of describing it, keep it in the back of your mind. Find ways to state simple facts and break it down into a couple of points/items for discussion.
  • Ask questions - Instead of coming into the discussion with an accusing attitude, try to ask questions in order to better understand your boss's point of view. Maybe he has good reasons for making certain decisions you don't agree with.
  • Agree to disagree - Sometimes we can discuss the issue as thouroghly and respectfully as possible and still not agree. Even though the outcome hasn't changed you may have had valuable discussions with your boss by now, so agree to disagree and do whatever is required of you according to his lead. Show that you are flexible and commited to company goals.

These tips work great at work but it can be useful in any conflict situation. Have any of you tried any of these approaches before?

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