March 5, 2012

crucial tips for quitting your job

Odds are each one of us may need to quit our jobs at some stage in our careers. Part of life.

I often read questions from readers about all the uncertainty that goes along with quitting their jobs, and it made me realise that quitting in the most respectful way possible can actually give your personal brand a boost and add weight to the reference your ex-boss gives you in future. Seeing this (sometimes uncomfortable) process as an opportunity to grow and build your network is the best advice I can give anyone who is considering to quit.

So here are a few links to save for when you may need it in future:

I hope these tips have been helpful. Quitting a job is part of any normal career journey, so try to see it for what it is instead of making the process too personal or emotional. Sometimes we're sad to leave and other times we count the minutes to our last day, but regardless of how we're feeling we can go through the process with style!

Enjoy your Monday everyone!

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