February 8, 2013

making the most out of your career choice

Please join me in welcoming our guest writer for today, Paul Taylor. I think this article is very relevant for modern-day professionals, seeing as you really need to put as much into your online presence and professional branding than what you put into your CV. Thanks for sharing Paul!

Although the market for your specific skills may be lacking, there are still plenty of ways to make the most out of your chosen career. You don't have to bind yourself to a specific commitment if you are able to expand in other areas. While you may have a degree under your belt, you shouldn't let it go to your head. There are millions of people out there who have degrees but are doing menial jobs in order to pay the bills. This doesn't make them any less of a person. The problem with most of them is the lack of motivation to keep putting as much effort as they can into what they want to do.

1. Locations - If the opportunities involving your specific career choice is limited in your locale, maybe it is time to move on. The world is larger than you may realize, and moving to a new location in order to practice your specific skills may be lucrative beyond your imagining. A fresh start in a new location could be the best thing for you in nearly every aspect of your life. It is a way to erase the proverbial slate and try things in a new way.

2. Freelance - While working those menial jobs in order to keep your lights on, offering your skills to those who need immediate help without hiring a full-time employee could have great benefits. Freelancing for businesses could give you the needed experience in your field to help your resume rise above others. In today's world, it's not enough to have a degree if you don't have experience to back it up in most cases. The more work experience you receive, the more your resume will shine.

Many people will offer their skills online using freelance assistance programs such as This will connect you to a client who is in dire need of your specific education and skills to accomplish a task he or she may have. As this doesn't intrude in your regular full-time job, you can further your abilities by offering them online as a freelancer.

3. The Internet - For less than $140 per year, you can build your own website surrounding your chosen career path. From this website, you can offer a wide range of valuable information and promote yourself as a freelancer. It is a way to market yourself as a professional in your field and could also look good on a resume. This is completely aside from how you can monetize your website if it's built well enough.

You don't have to become a website designer in order to market yourself online, however. If you have a web designer build the site with Joomla or Wordpress, you could add your own content very easily. Even becoming a guest blogger on sites tailored to your specific career choice could emphasize your professionalism in your field. Tools like Google+ Authorship could open a variety of opportunities as others see you as a reliable source of information. Regardless of your method, it is all about proper marketing of yourself in order to make the most out of your career.

The market for your specific talents may be quite competitive. You may not get your foot in the door of your career choice until later in life. You shouldn't be discouraged by being held to a job that is of lower quality than what your goal is. As long as you keep vigilant about doing the best you can and keep an eye out for opportunities that better fit your choice career, you will eventually become what you are meant to be.

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