September 21, 2015

4 energy management techniques that will help increase your productivity.

I am excited to share a post by guest writer Patrick Del Rosario. He is a freelance photographer and business blogger. He currently works at, an online platform where employers and remote workers meet to find jobs and hire people online.

When we talk about productivity, the first thing that would surely come to mind would be time management. However, a lot of experts have found a new way on how you can more efficiently achieve increased productivity - energy management.

What is the difference between time and energy management? Well, all of us have a fixed time for the day - 24 hours. However, the capacity for energy that we have is not a fixed quantity. It is true that time management is important but it is through your ability to manage your energy that you can make a difference.

So, how can you be able to manage your energy to improve your productivity at work? Here are some of the ways:

Set periodic goals.

We all have lots of things in our to-do list. In order to efficiently and to better manage your time, it is recommended that you establish daily and weekly goals. With the help of this list, you can be able to plan the amount of work that you will have to do each day. Additionally, this technique is useful in switching between lighter and harder work days.

Try out different ways.

Of course, you do not have to just simply follow your energy levels. You can be your energy's own boss. The best way to control and manage your energy is to try out different ways on how you can boost your energy. Some techniques include exercising, eating, drinking or sleeping. Try these different techniques so that you will be able to know what works best for you. In this way, you can increase your energy levels whenever you need to.

Monitor your energy levels.

Never ever expect that your natural energy rhythms will be the same with other people. Each and every one of us have different internal rhythms . This is why it is a must that you take time to determine what part of the day that your energy levels are at its peak. You can do this by setting your alarm to beat after every hour. Once it beeps, list down what you are doing and what your energy level is like. At the end of the day or the week, it is best that you go over your notes and evaluate the patterns of your energy,

Know how to recover your energy in a smart way.

We are all focused on finding the best way on how we can use energy. However, there is also one important thing that you have to know-- what is the best way to recover your energy. In order to be productive, you also have to know what it is that best replenishes your energy. In this way, you will be able to recover your energy in the best and most efficient way possible.

With these energy management techniques, you can easily and efficiently manage your energy and increase your work productivity in the long run.

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