September 14, 2012

career enhancement tactics: work smarter

Welcome back to Zach Buckley who will be sharing some more of his career tips for young professionals today. Thanks Zach for your cool and relevant articles!
Many new-to-the-market job hunters naively assume that all they have to do dazzle recruiters is complete and submit an application. They think that, with these gleaming and well-filled-out applications, the hiring committees will immediately see their appropriateness for the positions. Anyone who has navigated the choppy waters of the job search market for a period of time knows just how wrong this assumption is. In truth, to really stand out you must apply yourself to building skills and honing your appropriateness for the position. In doing so, you can improve your chances of standing out to the hiring committee and increase the likelihood of outshining the competition.

Evaluate Your Expectations

Before you narrow your focus to only one job and target all your efforts toward obtaining a specific position, think critically about what you want to accomplish through the course of your business life. Make sure the career you want is directly aligned with these goals. Once you've decided what you'd like to be doing, delve deeper into what that job entails to ensure a sense of satisfaction once you obtain the position.

Get the Education

Regardless of how ideally suited you feel you may be for the career you've chosen, if you don’t have the education to recommend you for the position, you'll likely struggle to even get a foot in the door. Research the job you want to determine what education is required. Pick up additional certification, or consider working toward a master's degree. By doing this before you start actively seeking employment in the field, you can improve the chances of your application ending up on a hiring manager’s desk–not getting filed away in the trashcan.


Sometimes job prospects have a lot to do with who you know, particularly if you seek employment in a hard-to-crack industry. As you work at networking, make a point of traveling to conferences and business gatherings where industry bigwigs will be in attendance. Dress the part when you go to these conferences to ensure your appearance as a consummate professional worthy of hiring. Follow up on these connections you build, using them to your advantage to improve career prospects.

Work Your Way Up

Particularly if the position you've set your sights on is an exceptionally prestigious one, walking into it off the street may be an entirely unrealistic expectation. Instead of setting yourself up for failure by turning down smaller jobs within the same industry and holding out for a higher-caliber one, be willing to start small and advance. By doing so, you can allow yourself to actively work toward the position you seek instead of cooling your heels and waiting for an opportunity that may well never come.

Obtaining your career goals won't be easy. To improve your chances, you'll need to do much more than simply fill out applications and hope for the best. Play a proactive role in your job search by actively pursuing appropriate tactics for career advancement.


Zach Buckley is a freelance writer based in the Midwest. He enjoys exploring developing trends in education, technology and culture.  When he isn’t reading or writing blogs, he enjoys sampling good music and good food. Follow him on Twitter! @Zach_buckley

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