August 1, 2012

how going back to school will advance your career

Welcome back to Liz Becker who's written a very cool guest post for us before. The topic of further education is such a trend at the moment, there must be some truth in the saying "you're never to old to learn".

In today’s competitive job market, many people are finding that going back to school can help to give them a leading edge when it comes to earning promotions and finding a new position in their career. While many people might consider the idea of going back to school, it is often difficult to determine if the extra work and expense will actually be worth it in the end. However, once someone begins to explore the idea of going back to school, they quickly discover that not only is it easier than ever to go back to school, but many companies also support their employees advancing their educations by offering financial incentives and opportunities for advancement.

Advantages of Going Back to School 

Deciding to pursue an advanced education can have many significant advantages. First, going back to school shows employers that a person has the initiative to set personal goals, place importance on an education, and that they care enough about their work to learn more about how to improve their skills. 

Gaining an advanced degree can also lead to promotions or a new job title. For people who feel that their career has begun to stagnate, an advanced degree or certificate can be a great way to jump start their drive to pursue new goals. Going back to school can also be a way to make a career move into a different field of work.

Finding the Right Degree Program 

Once a person has decided that they will go back to school, they will then need to find the right program to fit their needs. One of the best ways to find out what degree program is best is to look at the job qualifications for the career that they would like to pursue. For example, a nurse might look into completing a master’s degree program, while a computer technician might prefer to obtain an advanced certificate in a particular type of software.

How to Fit School into a Busy Schedule 

Most people who decide to go back to school will also need to continue working. Trying to juggle work and school can be made easier by exploring the programs that are offered by accredited online colleges and schools. These schools now have online courses that use the latest technology to offer students a flexible schedule. The new technology means that courses can now be delivered in a wide range of formats that can fit any student’s learning style.

Going back to school has become an essential part of advancing in one’s career. By earning an advanced degree, people can expect to gain promotions, higher salaries and professional recognition. Students who decide to pursue an advanced degree can now take advantage of the latest technology to find a degree program that will work with their busy schedule.

Liz is a blogger, freelance writer and recent college graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University . She currently performs market research for an online marketing firm when she is not contributing her own thoughts and observations to the online community.

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